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I was getting tired of the repetition of the ‘Milky Way Blankie’ and decided to use the same yarn to make some matching mittens. I might have to make some booties or a hat with it too.

I just used Red Heart Super Saver – and the pattern for the mittens is linked (AKA, you can see it on the page in my binder)


Milky Way Blankie

Working on the baby blanket for well, my baby! It just needs 6 more rows and then I add the stars to it. I’m thinking of crocheting the stars in constellation patterns. Possibly constellations in November/December,

Work in Progress

Currently working on this blanket – and have to be finished by the end of June. I am using Fan & V stitches alternating, and a pattern of 3 colors. It’s 33 1/2 inches long without the planned border. I love the way that the creamy white, deep purple, and cerulean flow well together. Altogether – I’m proud of my progress! I will update as I go!


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