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So, today (or yesterday since I’m typing this currently at 1 am) is my birthday. Another day where I am grateful, and very thankful for the things that have happened this past year. I love my friends and family – and my wonderful boyfriend, so much. They make my smiles bigger and my heart beat faster.

This year for my birthday I decided to treat myself to the “expensive yarn,” and by that I mean not Red Heart Super Savers. AKA - my birthday splurge

I have no idea what I’m going to make with it – but the colors are so pretty. It’s so soft too.
I mean no disrespect to Red Heart, but this was soooo soft. It makes me feel like I’m graduating from beginner crocheting and am moving on to new and exciting ventures/projects.

Also – I was very proud of myself for matching dye lots on the cream/light brown/beige color. I normally don’t pay attention. Shame on me I know. But I hardly ever buy more than one skein – it’s usually all I need. Or I use Caron Simply Soft a lot and they don’t have a dye lot.

I’m justifying my indiscretion with yarn shopping. I digress…

My boyfriend got me a kindle and a gift card to get books with – I spent the last three hours browsing amazon and bought five books that I can’t wait to read. My friend April got me a Scentsy warmer along with a brick of one of their scents. If I would have known I was going to be up this late I would have plugged it in and melted some!

Well – anyway – I’m tired and have to get up fairly early to do some baby shower shopping with the girls sooo…. Good night all – have a lovely evening and if you’re living in the midwest and getting hit by some of this snow stay safe & warm!


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