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Not surprising that I found my way to this site (It’s also rather addicting…). I absolutely adore the idea of finding pictures and creating collages/boards/inspirations and basically organizing things one enjoys. It gives me ideas for my future dream home (which hasn’t completely been fabricated in my mind yet) and possibly things to craft or bake. 

It has some amusing pictures, along with cute kitty pictures (in my opinion there aren’t nearly enough). 

Either way – if you would like to take a look at some of the things I pinned, will pin, or are on the site and wish to follow me, or think you see something I may enjoy let me know! 



I finished this baby Jack Skellington hat for a friend’s baby girl (!!!) that is due in March. I found onesie that matches it too! Oh gosh I’m so excited! This is the first project I’ve started that I’ve finished with the intended results. Actually – take that back. It’s the first project I’ve started that I have actually finished. I feel like maybe I don’t HAVE to have startitis. I just need to focus more.

I used a “D” hook (3.25mm) I saw a pattern for an adult hat like it and altered the number of stitches and obvious size. I also added the ear flaps and braids. The braids are a little long, but I saw hats on Ravelry that had longer braids.  The hat is meant for a 3-6month old baby – according to the hat sizes in the stores.

I used Red Heart Super Saver (Solids) yarn – which isn’t as soft as baby yarn – but since I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out… Anyhoo! I am so excited to give it to her, and I hope she likes it!

Maybe I should also add that my friend also absolutely positively LOVES Nightmare Before Christmas.

PS: My Mom crocheted the afghan on the bed. It’s super big and soooo warm. I loves it.


Things I am currently working on that NEED to get finished soon. *Sigh*

A Jack Skellington Hat for my friend Theresa that is almost finished, yay! She absolutely loves A Nightmare Before Christmas and it’s a baby hat for her… well, baby. I’m adding ear flaps and ties to it just to see if modifying a given pattern is something I can do. I hope it turns out ok – I’m 11 rows through of 16 so cross your fingers that I finish. Her baby shower isn’t until January but as you can tell – I have a tendency to start and not finish something.

I have a Granny throw blanket started for My boyfriend’s mom. It has rich plum, and cerulean blue colors on it. I’m so excited – I hope she likes it.

Then I have a toddler blanket started for my niece – it has white yarn and baby pink and lavender flowers. I’m going to sew glittery buttons onto some of the flowers too.

I think I’m going to have to put a movie in on a day off and just crochet. Maybe not even a movie because that could be distracting. Just make a playlist and listen to music and crochet. Ooooh… with some apple cider or hot chocolate. Sounds heavenly.

Also – I need to make some cake pops and do a thorough cleaning of my kitchen before Thanksgiving. Oy vey…

Hey there guys —

It’s been awhile with no news from me, but I assure you I am still crocheting and baking as much as ever. I have no pictures (my camera broke!) but I am going to see if I can borrow my moms and post the super awesomeness that is what I’ve been doing.

Just checking in since I haven’t in awhile. I have found some cool new recipes on foodgawker.com that I cannot wait to try. I have a rather large amount of tomatillos that I need to find a use for — besides salsa I’m going to have a lot of that!

I thought about starting Christmas presents already which probably should have been started a long time ago to insure that I won’t spend too much money.

Alright so! pictures to come — a possible move — news to follow!

So – it started by watching my mother crochet. I used to watch her fingers just fly with how quickly and naturally she was at it. I used to always want to learn how, but every attempt at my learning was a set back. I just couldn’t grasp it. It looked so easy when she did it.

So, I started watching a bunch of tutorials on youtube, my mom sat patient with me, and more actual practice and dedication from me. I can do the basics. I am currently making the simplest of the simple granny square throws.

I am so excited by my progress that I have been looking at patterns for new projects and have inspired another of my friends to also crochet. She’ll probably say that’s not exactly true and that it just looked fun – but I like to think I inspired her.

Like I said, exciting times my friends.

Now – I have ideas for Christmas ideas for friends and family that involve crocheting (this may be discarded for other hand – made gifts… but that will be saved for a blog nearer to the holidays!)

I’ve been looking at different patterns for possibly joining my mom in the craft fair in our town next summer. I’m thinking some summery/fall throws – maybe a table runner?

Quilting Update:

I’ve got some pretty quilting squares for my niece’s quilt. I’ve only got five squares but it’s a start. I’m going to start looking more, but I’ve been so excited by actually being able to crochet that I’ve been contemplating retrying to learn knitting.

Maybe one day, I’ll be able to do all three… Oh a girl can dream. 😉

So far, I’ve been doing fairly good in learning how to crochet. My mom even says I’m doing good (she doesn’t throw around compliments just because she’s my mom.)

I’ve made a couple of “pot holders” in my practice of stitches. I’d show them on here, but then my thinking of ‘I’m doing good’ may be banished from my mind.

I’m excited – I’m thinking of upping the game to granny squares. I love the idea of them.

I found a book that was very helpful from the library and now I’m going to be very sad when I have to return it.  I’m going to have to find it and buy it at B&N or some other book store. It shows how to read patterns/abbreviations and what they mean/and how to do some pretty cool stitches.

All in all – I’m excited where this is heading.

Meg Frampton is a guitarist/pianist/singer in a band called Meg & Dia. I love this band so much that I have a tendency to thrust their greatness upon people and make them love them as much as I do.

I met and spoke with Meg and Dia Frampton of the band for the first time ever when they played at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis. They were the nicest people and I could hardly breathe let alone speak to them because I was so nervous – but they were very sweet and didn’t laugh at me for my awkwardness.

They played an amazing set for their newest EP It’s Always Stormy in Tillamook – and songs from earlier albums and one from their new full length album (It’s not out yet and has no title yet! SOON THOUGH…) It was amazing. Life changing. It made me believe in music again. I danced, I sang and left feeling refreshed and changed. Moved.

Now – Meg is making jewelry and it is just as wonderful as her song writing. I encourage anyone and everyone who reads this blog to check it out and possibly order yourself a piece of her work.

website: http://chandlertherobot.blogspot.com/

gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chandlertherobot/

Now here’s my own plug for their band… Check out their music!

twitter – http://www.twitter.com/megdia
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/megdia

buy their music at: http://megdia.bandcamp.com/

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