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Merry Christmas to all

Posted on: December 24, 2011

So it’s Christmas Eve, and what have you done?

Yeah – so it’s Christmas Eve and I am sitting at my job putzing around trying to find things to do to keep myself from sitting down and crocheting until my wrist and fingers hurt. Which… isn’t coming along too great. I’ve done my list of duties for 2 shifts (I’m working a 12 hour shift) and then I’ve done some for the next person coming in. I have 3 and a half hours to go. So I decided to say, to anyone who reads this, Merry Christmas!

I started over on my boyfriend’s mom’s blanket, I decided the granny square I was doing wasn’t turning out how I wanted. Instead I switched to a V Stitch with a fan inbetween both. I like how it’s turning out so far.

I was originally going to complain about my working situation on here, even though that’s now how I intended this blog to be, instead I’ve decided to focus on the good things about my day.

1. I have a job. Despite it being a crappy one, it’s actually a good job as far as this town is concerned. Even if I don’t like being here, there are plenty of people who would like it.

2. I’m healthy. A little tired, but healthy.

3. I have a very good boyfriend who came to say hi to me, and didn’t laugh when I told him I burned the the hot pockets in the oven here. He just smiled and gave me a dollar for the vending machine.

4. I get to spend the next 3.5 hours getting paid to crochet. (That’s alwas a plus, right?)

5. It hasn’t been crazy busy, and the people staying haven’t been rude at all. Always a bonus.

6. I get to listen to sappy christmas music and no one will judge me. At least, they better not. “Where are you Christmaaaas? Why can’t I find youuuu….”

7. I got to drink delicious over priced juice because it was on sale, and specifically reserved for today to make my day better. Also, when I get home I get to drink egg nog that tastes deliciously like chocolate truffles — Thus dubbed “Truffle Nog,” in my home.

8. My cats will have missed me by the time I get home, so at least they won’t attack my face.

9. I like the hotel’s decorations – it all looks very pretty.

10. Tomorrow’s Christmas. I have to work early in the morning, but after that I’m pretty much set for the rest of the day; and I get to spend it with family.

11. Old Christmas movies are on TV right now. So, If I wanted to I could watch them and crochet for the next 3.5 hous 😉

12. I got to make a “12 days of Christmas-esque” like list. I know it’s not quite the song (ok, not by a long shot…) But oh well – it made me happy!

Have  a safe and happy Christmas — enjoy it wherever you are! Also – have a happy 6th day of Channukah! (It’s very likely I spelled that wrong. So sorry if I did.)


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