Hailey's Days

Update on what I’m doing.

Posted on: November 20, 2011

Things I am currently working on that NEED to get finished soon. *Sigh*

A Jack Skellington Hat for my friend Theresa that is almost finished, yay! She absolutely loves A Nightmare Before Christmas and it’s a baby hat for her… well, baby. I’m adding ear flaps and ties to it just to see if modifying a given pattern is something I can do. I hope it turns out ok – I’m 11 rows through of 16 so cross your fingers that I finish. Her baby shower isn’t until January but as you can tell – I have a tendency to start and not finish something.

I have a Granny throw blanket started for My boyfriend’s mom. It has rich plum, and cerulean blue colors on it. I’m so excited – I hope she likes it.

Then I have a toddler blanket started for my niece – it has white yarn and baby pink and lavender flowers. I’m going to sew glittery buttons onto some of the flowers too.

I think I’m going to have to put a movie in on a day off and just crochet. Maybe not even a movie because that could be distracting. Just make a playlist and listen to music and crochet. Ooooh… with some apple cider or hot chocolate. Sounds heavenly.

Also – I need to make some cake pops and do a thorough cleaning of my kitchen before Thanksgiving. Oy vey…


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