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Hailey’s Crochet Journey.

Posted on: April 25, 2011

So – it started by watching my mother crochet. I used to watch her fingers just fly with how quickly and naturally she was at it. I used to always want to learn how, but every attempt at my learning was a set back. I just couldn’t grasp it. It looked so easy when she did it.

So, I started watching a bunch of tutorials on youtube, my mom sat patient with me, and more actual practice and dedication from me. I can do the basics. I am currently making the simplest of the simple granny square throws.

I am so excited by my progress that I have been looking at patterns for new projects and have inspired another of my friends to also crochet. She’ll probably say that’s not exactly true and that it just looked fun – but I like to think I inspired her.

Like I said, exciting times my friends.

Now – I have ideas for Christmas ideas for friends and family that involve crocheting (this may be discarded for other hand – made gifts… but that will be saved for a blog nearer to the holidays!)

I’ve been looking at different patterns for possibly joining my mom in the craft fair in our town next summer. I’m thinking some summery/fall throws – maybe a table runner?

Quilting Update:

I’ve got some pretty quilting squares for my niece’s quilt. I’ve only got five squares but it’s a start. I’m going to start looking more, but I’ve been so excited by actually being able to crochet that I’ve been contemplating retrying to learn knitting.

Maybe one day, I’ll be able to do all three… Oh a girl can dream. 😉


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